Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Robots

One day I'd like to tell you a story,it is very close to my CPU, my son.
Maybe today is the day. It is raining....
The story is about one unusual female robot GHBF0234. She was made with some imperfections, one of them was the material of her body was prone to rusting. So she should have avoided humidity to remain functional. Contrary to logical behavior she was always going out when it was raining. The little girl that owned her, would oil her carefully and polish rusty spots if they would appear. Girl didn't mention this odd behavior of her play robot to her parents. One reason was that she was afraid they would take GHBF0234 away from her for a long time, to repair her, or even worse to replace her with a new, probably a perfect one. And little girl didn't want that. She enjoyed this little game. She enjoyed taking care of her friend robot who against any logic went out in the rain and became squeaky and rusty.
How do I know this story? Well, I was programmed to mow the lawn in the neighborhood. I am made of the perfect, stainless steel material, so I could go out in the rain. Of course it wasn't logical either to mow the lawn in the rain and I didn't do it the first 27 times it rained and I spotted GHBF0234 outside. I am not sure how I reprogrammed myself to start working in the rain, but it happened. It was influencing my performance in a good way so my owners never had a problem with it. I was so perfect and so not interesting to them, they hardly noticed my existence. Well, then I made you, from some old materials, similar to GHBF0234 and they started to notice me and to love you. In my logical mind they could love you because you needed attention, same as them. But how would I know? I am merely an observer.
I have heard humans talking about their experiences, the memories, it has very little to do with logic my son.
But it is all I can leave you now, the experience of us sharing some moments together and the hope it will stay in your memory forever.


zoe said...

i love it! i'm so glad you're posting your stories! you're so creative and attentive to what makes us human... :)

Sofia said...

Hello Vesna

I hope your trip and the connection as a friend to my blog


Vesna said...

Thank you so much for your support Zoe, your praise makes me melt:) Very human of me:)

I am happy to see your blog Sofia. I am always looking forward to connect with you as a friend any way we can.

Hugs, Vesna

J(a)-(z)z said...

Beautiful story Vesna. I like the rain too and I also have some imperfections , some rust .Only lacks me the serial number :)

Good night to you

Vesna said...

Thank you for your visit dear Inspiration:)