Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our inner universe by Colleen Anne Carroll

Our inner universe

You can stare forever at the diamond black sky,
You can think you know everything there is to know,
And then there is more,
The greatest universe to conquer,
Is not in the blue glowing heavens,
That spills over into golden lights,
That shine beyond time,
Then they drift farther away,
And the universe expands,
The greatest universe to conquer,
Is in our own minds,
Thought are tools that kill and heal,
If we reach deep within ourselves,
We will see that the meaning of life,
Is trying to find meaning in life,
Dreams are ships that take us where we need to go,
As they sail the waters of Our Inner Universe.

Colleen Anne Carroll


zoe said...

beautiful! i agree, totally! i had never heard of colleen anne carroll--thank you so much for the introduction...

Sylvia said...

What a big truth, and so beautifully said! and the author is also new for me--wonderful find! Thank you, dear Vesna! Big hugs for you! :-)

Vesna said...

Thank you my dear Zoe and Sylvia for visiting, you make my inner universe a happy place:)

Jean Francois said...

So true! Someone should give Carroll's book to Cirque du Soleil's president Laliberté. He might understand he does not have to go up there in Space to find his Inner Universe :)

Thank you dearest Vesna!