Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking Across The Atlantic by Billy Collins

"Big Blue Avenue"photo by Vesna

Walking Across The Atlantic

I wait for the holiday crowd to clear the beach
before stepping onto the first wave.
Soon I am walking across the Atlantic
thinking about Spain,checking for whales, waterspouts.
I feel the water holding up my shifting weight.
Tonight I will sleep on its rocking surface.
But for now I try to imagine what
this must look like to the fish below,
the bottoms of my feet appearing, disappearing

Billy Collins


Migue said...

Walking across the Atlantic thinking about Spain :).
I love this one. It brings me memories.
And I loved specially the video.

zoe said...

it's the perfect photo, of vesna, walking across the atlantic! perfect pairing, and i love this poem, thanks!!

Vesna said...

I think this poem is perfect, so is the video. 46 seconds that tells so much! it's been maybe a year ago that we have seen it Migue, and I still remember too:)
Zoe I love to see your smiles:) Would really walk across the Atlantic to see you:)

Sylvia said...

What a wonderful photo, dear Vesna! I also love the poem and video... This post makes me dream of walking across the ocean :-) Big hugs!

LOLA said...

Beautiful photo dear Vesna ♫ ♥

Vesna said...

Thank you my dear friends Silvia and Lola, it warms my heart to see you.

Jean Francois said...

It's all Billy's fault!
She's opened the vault
And found the treasures.
Now for us the pleasures!

Thanks dearest Vesna for this beautiful post!

gangstertaco said...

like this poem