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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Spring on the December 13th

Quote from the wikipedia:

"Azra was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) that was popular across Yugoslavia in the 1980s. Azra was formed in 1977 by its frontman Branimir "Johnny" Štulić. Other two members were Mišo Hrnjak (bass) and Boris Leiner (drums). They named the Band after a verse "Ja se zovem El Muhamed/Iz plemena starih Azra/Što za ljubav život gube/I umiru kada ljube!" (trans. "My name is El Muhamed/From the tribe of the old Azras/who die for love/And die when they kiss!") from a sevdalinka "Kraj tanahna šadrvana" ("Azra" here being a reference to a shortened versione of "Azera" or "Azeris", rather than a popular Bosnian name "Azra", as commonly thought). They are considered to be one of the most influential bands from the former Yugoslav New Wave rock era and the Yugoslav Rock scene in general.

They released their first single in 1979 with songs "Balkan" and "A šta da radim". The first album named Azra was published in 1980 and achieved commercial success and popularized Azra in former Yugoslavia. Azra recorded its last studio album Između krajnosti (Between the extremes) in 1987. In 1988 the band recorded 4LP live album under the name Zadovoljština (Satisfaction), after which Štulić disbanded the band. He is often at lengths with his past as he lives a secluded life and is often the target of reporters seeking an interview, which he is reluctant to give. Štulić recorded three more solo albums since moving to Houten, Netherlands, where he currently lives. A 2003 rock documentary, Sretno dijete (Lucky Child, the title of a Prljavo kazalište song) depicts Azra as the locus of the rock scene in the former Yugoslavia during the 1980s, along with the influential Bijelo dugme. Even until today, Azra has remained very popular among youth in the countries of former Yugoslavia, unlike many other new wave bands which are now considered, more or less, historical examples."


zoe said...

what a cool name! they die for love...thank you for introducing me to this music, i'm enjoying it very much!
also, vesna, the slideshow to the top right is filled with lovely images...

Vesna said...

I am very glad you enjoy this new music for you. You are great for being so open for new things Zoe:)

Migue said...

I love music form the 80's. Many of the groups I remember are from the 80's.
In France, Telephone, "The bomb humaine" :):).

Vesna said...

I imagine you were really happy in '88 Migue:)

Jean Francois said...

I love to hear about all music from everywhere!

Very well written and interesting information on music that we do not hear about very often.

Keep up the great work!

TK's dear Vesna!

Vesna said...

Thank you dear JF for the nice comment, I have just copied this from wikipedia, I couldn't write anything this objective about Azra:) I'll make that reference in the blog, my mistake.

Zara said...

Hi Vesna! Interesting information here about the group...i didn't hear about them before:)Btw, I still can't creat an account at MySpace - they don't send me confirmation email.. But as soon as we can share our music here, so may be that's no need in myspace:)

levent said...

Hello Vesna ..

have a nice week..

beautiful music and explanation