Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something got me started by Simply Red

This was the last video I had featured on Imeem. Something got me started, I found the music, the poetry group, wonderful blogs, awesome people... then it was hard to stop. If you have used the website you may know it was really great one for sharing music and before it started to fall apart (sometime in June 2009) videos and photographs too.
What made it really great is truly phenomenal, creative, generous, cool people from all over the world with unlimited positive energy flowing.
With a touch of magic through music and other artistic expressions, strangers were easily becoming friends.
I just wanted by writing this to accentuate the positive: website may be gone, but positive energy stays forever.

Keep smiling, the best is yet to come (one can only hope:))



Diane said...

You were the sunshine there Vesna an always positive shining light. I'm so glad that I can still come and see your lovely spirit here!

Jean Francois said...

Dear Vesna,

Nothing can stop creative spirits from creating :)

Imeem was great while it lasted. It enabled some miracles even to take place.

Now it's on to other means of communication. I really enjoy your positive energy.


zoe said...

the great thing about the internet is that we can create a new "place" somewhere else almost instantly :)
and we will! :D

levent said...

hi.have a nice weekend! Vesna..


everything has a solution..copy - paste and listen

Sylvia said...

I will be forever thankful to Imeem for the chance to meet such extraordinary people as you, dear Vesna. We will keep in touch wherever and whenever :-)

Vesna said...

we will keep in touch, yes:)