Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"There was one apple..."

"There was one apple that was the nicest one out of all the hundreds of other apples..."
I knew I could read this story tonight to Manuel. He had a good dinner and he will not get hungry when I read about the food.
I was trying to calm down my mind. It was busy analyzing each word that I was reading. Thinking about the numbers: One, Hundred...Hundred is nice, it has two zeros, if you put the zero on top of the zero you get the 8. I like number 8. A Hundred, like the hundred euros that I will need to buy Manuel a new bicycle next spring, he is growing up so fast.
I tried to concentrate on the story but it wasn't really working: I was already at the end without any recollection what I have read. I looked at Manuel, wondering if he has noticed that I wasn't quite with him. I felt a relief: he seemed quite content and amused. He told me: “I have an idea, wait here daddy." He jumped out of the bed, and in next moment all I could hear is the sound of his little, fast feet running to the kitchen: First running away, then some silence and then running back to me.
Manuel came back with an apple. His face was glowing. He looked as he has made some very important discovery. "I found the nicest apple daddy." he said giggling. "This one is a house for the worm; it must be really nice if someone lives in it".
We both fell on the floor laughing.


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zoe said...

i love it, you have the heart of a child and a creative genius, beautiful language :)

Migue said...

It sounds so familiar to me. And I feel so identified. And the end is so wonderful. And it looks so easy to do when you write. And you say so many things with so few words.

Thanks Veki. :)