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they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode To the Smell of Wood

Vancouver, BC

Ode To the Smell of Wood by Pablo Neruda

translated by Jodey Bateman

Late, with the stars
open in the cold
I open the door.
The sea
in the night.

Like a hand
from the dark house
came the intense
of firewood in the pile.

The aroma was visible
if the tree
were alive.
As if it still breathed.

like a garment.

like a broken branch.

I walked
the house
by that balsam-flavored
the points
in the sky sparkled
like magnetic stones
and the smell of the wood

my heart
like some fingers,
like jasmine,
like certain memories.

It wasn't the sharp smell
of the pines,
it wasn't
the break in the skin
of the eucalyptus,
neither was it
the green perfumes
of the grapevine stalk,
something more secret,
because that fragrance
only one
only one
time existed,
and there, of all I have seen in the world
in my own house at night, next to the winter sea,
was waiting for me
the smell
of the deepest rose,
the heart cut from the earth,
something that invaded me like a wave
breaking loose
from time
and it lost itself in me
when I opened the door
of the night.

I was visitng Vancouver, BC where I was repeating over and over again:" What a beautiul tree":)))
In complete awe for the nature I share this Neruda's poem and one of the many photographs of the trees that I brought back.
Hope that you'll like it.


Migue said...

Wellcome back Terminator :).
In Valencia, when we want to see trees like those, we have to look for pictures :).

Zara said...

Welcome back Vesna:) Nice poetry and the photo's great! What are these trees, pines or...?

Diane said...

The smell of pine the sound of Neruda it's a beautiful thought. Welcome back dear Vesna!

Vesna said...

Thank you dear Migue, Zara and Diana for your warm presence and comments:) I am not quite sure, I think those big tall trees are called western red cedar.

zoe said...

what a beautiful pairing...those trees are mythical! how huge! it must have been awe-inspiring...

☆sapphire said...


Really a lovely poem! I love it! Oh! the smell of the pines! I can smell it from the poem!
Thank you for sharing.

Kittie Howard said...

Welcome back, Vesna! And what a beautiful poem ... the scent of pines is heavenly, a warm and cozy tingle that Neruda captured. And thank you for introducing me to Neruda. He feels ... don't know how else to say it. And Happy Easter to you and yours!