Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sandcastle

The Sandcastle, it never lasts long.
To build it: is it right or is it wrong?
Nobody ever lives in it.
Why does anybody even bother making it?

The first rain or tide will wash the walls away.
Will children even remember their play?
The splenid Sandcastle will become again
nothing more then a sand, dull and plain.

But what can we ask for more?
We live for new ideas to explore.
Time is not only measured by sand,
We measure it any way we can comprehend.



zoe said...

"we live for new ideas to explore" :D
a million bubbles, you and me :D


Vesna said...

Thank you Zoe:)))
yes, a million bubbles...all kinds:)

Jean Francois said...

A Sandcastle is a Castle!


Vesna said...

So true JF:) Thank you for visitng dear Royalty:)

Zara said...

Vesna, I enjoyed your poetry very much - words and rhythm..!! It makes me think of my childhood, when me and my friends used to play about in the sands, always building smth all days long... And often we had to start from almost the very beginning, but the true joy was in the process itself, so we never got upset about the damaged creations...and "lived for new ideas to explore"! ;) Thank you!

Diane said...

Boundless are the ideas for inspiring visionaries such as yourself Vesna!
hugs to you....

Vesna said...

I am so glad Zara to read your comment. It is so satisfying to know you have been inspired by something I wrote, and even better something as nice like a play in the sand:)

My dear Diane, it is really fun to inspire and be inspired with you around, I hope we'll always and forever do that:)

Migue said...

Delicious :)

Migue said...

Delicious :)

☆sapphire said...
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☆sapphire said...

Hello Vesna

Your poem is so beautiful and at the same time very inspiring!! I would often make sand castles on the beach when I was a kid. I sometimes wonder why we like to make them... It's a mystery but the mystery might have something very profound in it... Thank you so much for sharing the lovely poem and video!

Kittie Howard said...

Your poem touched not only memories, but today. I still like building sandcastles. Think it's a dream that lives in the moment, as eternal as the waves that wipe away the moment. Beautiful post (and I hope you had a beautiful birthday).

levent said...

poetry very nice, Thank you Vesna !