Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Monday, June 28, 2010

And all that jazz

And all that jazz

She sang,
she made
feel alive.
She took us
to the places new.
And painful, gentle,
words so true,
like our tears,
just flew and flew.
Yes, piano
was there too.
But man,
that woman,
she is something else.
And all that jazz.

Vesna 28/06/2010

Tomorrow, June 29, marks my first anniversary as a blogger here:)
Thank you so much for visiting and for your wonderful support.
Love and hugs,


Migue said...

One year already! :)). Time flies :).

Jean Francois said...

She writes,
she makes
feel special.
She takes us
to the places new.
Her words are true,
often blue,
sometimes yellow.
She can fly
over mountains
and sea.
That lady V,
she is something else.
And all that poetry...


Jean Francois

Zara said...

Nice composition..thanks and Happy birthday;)

zoe said...

wow! look at that--jean picked up on your jazz rhythm and moved with it! you are such an inspiration, and he's absolutely right. happy blog birthday!

Rosa said...

Happy "bloganniversary",Vesna! As we say in Italy, "Hundreds of these days"!:))

Vesna said...

Oh God, I am so lucky:)))
Thank you, Love you!
Time flies when we are having fun!