Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My muse

There is a Seagull
Proud and Glorious
When I see him
Conquering the Sky
My Spirits Fly

But this lovely creature
Popped his head out of the garbage bin
Joyfully holding a piece of sandwich
I could almost see the grin

“Thank you”
I said to my new muse
It is a good thing to keep my mind sound
And sometimes look at the ground



zoe said...

i love this one! clever little muse, with his grin :D

diane said...

Lovely creature indeed...lovely writing Vesna <3

Rosa said...

So delicate poem, dear Vesna... I love it! Thanks for the nice message in it. Our mind could fly through the space and the time, but, at the same time we have to come back to the reality. Even the most ethereal being has a "material" nature, so we ought not to idealize a person or something too much or we could be disappointed. This is what your nice poem makes me think.

A hug.

levent said...

A very nice article...thanks Vesna

Kittie Howard said...

Your poem is beyond brilliant. Your words are packed with days of discussion...why was the seagull away from the sea and eating from the garbage can? why was the seagull smiling? Did the seagull's acceptance of fallen grace make 'you'(Everyperson) cherish your blessings, not wish for what others had (before they fell from grace...and, oh, by the way, remember The Garden of Eden??) So much, so much to think about!! Wow, Vesna, Wow!

Migue said...

I would say that you are growing as a poet.
I would say...

You've always had poetry inside. Now everybody knows.
I would say :).