Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Saturday, October 1, 2011


You hear some people talking and doing their thing and you just want feel so much inside and you feel inspired and you want to become better in whatever you do, don't you? I do:) Thank you for stopping by. Take time to listen to a new version of "Leila", please.
It's soooooooooooo good:)

Dinner time

Tonight we'll cook a verse
We'll start to converse

Tasting honeysuckle words
Enlightening different worlds

We'll watch a candle's flame
And a rose

Just the two of us
Poetry and Prose

September 2011


Anonymous said...

Ahh I'd love to be able to play guitar.
Fantatic post Veki!!

And the poem "let's cook a verse" yeah!
My favourite poet. Thank you.


Vesna said...

And somebody cooks a chicken :)Thank you for being here my favourite Migue:) You make me smile,

Rosa said...

This is a very very nice poem Vesna! I love specially the last stanza. :) I think many people would need a diet based on poetry and prose! :D
You are really talented at poetry. There are no doubt about this. ;)

Happy poetry!:)