Words are not just words
they are kisses
on the lips of silence
that speak of your essence

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coming or Going


Coming or Going

The migrating bird
leaves no trace behind
and does not need a guide.


Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Magic happens

Wishing you and yours wonderful holidays filled with love and joy,
and from me a little gift of music and warm hugs.
Thank you for your beautiful presence, it means so much to me.

Magic happens

I need to hear your laugh
Your laugh is a birdsong

I want that kind of joy
That magic

Magic happens
If you choose to believe

I have no choice
I know
I need to hear your laugh

I have no problem
To jump up and down
To be a clown
To make funny faces
To tickle you some places

I have no problem
To pull out the rhymes
Out of the hat
To throw the words in the air
And catch them
While juggling
White spaces

I need to hear your laugh


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cesaria Evora and Milky Way

Cesaria Evora  we'll miss you

Cesária Évora (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɨˈzaɾiɐ ˈɛvuɾɐ]; 27 August 1941 - 17 December 2011) was a Cape Verdean popular singer. Nicknamed the "barefoot diva" for performing without shoes.

Cesaria Evora poursuit dans le monde une carrière exceptionnelle.
Fidèle ambassadrice de la "Morna", musique qui retranscrit la mélancolie capverdienne,
Elle est une devenue une valeur sûre de la WORLD Music avec des millions d'albums vendus et des tournées sur tout les continents..
"Cesaria Evora &…" réuni ses plus beaux duos à travers le monde, plus de 15 pays représentés :
France / Angola / Brésil / Cap-Vert / Cuba / Espagne / Grèce / Italie / Mali / Mexique / Pologne / Portugal / Sénégal / Serbie / USA
Preuve une fois de plus avec Cesaria que la musique n'a pas de frontières.

Tickets for the Show

The day is running out;
Soon, you’ll get ready for the show.

It is the night,
Stars are shining bright,
Dancing, singing aloud
Maybe shy tonight,
Each covered with the cloud.

In any case,
You’ll gaze…
You need those
Milky Ways.

You are getting the tickets for the show.
Which row?
Is it the first?
Do you go at the back?
Are you alone?
How are you dressed?

When you finally choose your spot,
Universe starts the play;
You blend into Milky Way…

Tomorrow , you think,
You may try to get a better spot;
The tickets for this show
Deserved, not bought.


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why can't we be friends?

The Heavyweights Brass Band

How do you feel about good music? I know, there are so many ways to describe good music. I won't get into that discussion, just wanted to share my experience with The Heavyweights Brass Band.

I was in the audience, in a very intimate setting last night, in the Long & McQuade Performance Hall at JAZZ.FM91.
I was blown away, literally:) They started with a tune "Why can't we be friends?" arranged by Paul Metcalfe and they had the audience wholeheartedly on their side.
The Heavyweights Brass Band is trumpeter Jon Challenor, saxman Paul Metcalfe, trombonist Chris Butcher, sousaphonist Rob Teehan and drummer Lowell Whitty (battering drums).
They are obviously in love with music, incredibly talented, they play great, they are having fun, they compose, do their own arrangements, they are great to talk to, they are charming... It's enough for me to become a fan!
If you need more, they have awards under their belt: "The individual members of the band, with collective experience as sidemen in almost every facet of Toronto's very diverse music scene, are well on their way to stellar careers and have already earned national recognition, including a Western Canadian Music Award, a Galaxie Rising Star Award, and a JUNO nomination".

I really liked the original composition by trumpeter Jon Challenor "The plunge".
How easily we were transported to New Orleans with a laid back, story telling tune "St. James infirmary", Rob was singing. I loved it. Awesome stuff.

This is Louis Armstrong's take on it:

They played their version on Justin Bieber's "Baby", it was fun! As Chris said nothing is off limits in their repertoire.
I think Rob Teehan's arrangement of "Just the two of us" was beautiful and it was a great way to finish the concert. It filled everybody with extra warmth for this band.

Check out their new album  "Dont bring me down", you won't be let down.  I have a signed copy of the CD, lucky me:)

From their web page in the Press section:

"The Heavyweights Brass Band are reinvigorating jazz music... Ambitious, exuberant performances crammed with heavy grooves and noteworthy solos are fresh and mature, even when interpreting classic pop and R&B songs in ways wholly original and no longer ubiquitous. " Chris Burek, Exclaim! (22 August 2011)
Please read more

Thank you for visiting and thank you Brad Barker and Jazz FM 91 for this amazing experience. I had to share:)