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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Randy Napoleon - The Jukebox Crowd

Concert in Toronto (at Grano's)
March 18 2012

Internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist, arranger and composer

New CD
The Jukebox Crowd

"Napoleon is one of the most sought after guitarists in New York, where he is known as a forward-thinking musician with a passion for the jazz guitar tradition. In addition to backing the best, he leads his own bands, an organ trio (with Jared Gold and Quincy Davis), a trombone trio (with Josh Brown and Elias Bailey), and a three-horn sextet that includes organ (Duncan McMillan), drums (Davis), tenor saxophone (Ben Jansson), trumpet (Justin Walter) and trombone (Brown).
Napoleon writes and arranges for his own bands as well as for other performers. His CDs, Enjoy the Moment (organ trio) and Between Friends (organ trio on half the tracks, piano quartet with Benny Green on piano, David Wong on bass on the other half), drew praise from all quarters.
Guitarist George Benson calls Napoleon "sensational." Detroit Free Press critic Mark Stryker says Napoleon "plays with a gentle, purring tone that makes you lean in close to hear its range of color and articulation." Washington Post critic Mike Joyce praises his "exceptionally nimble finger-style technique." And comparing him to Wes Montgomery, music critic Michael G. Nastos says "he displays an even balance of swing, soul, and single-line or chord elements that mark an emerging voice dedicated to tradition and universally accessible jazz values." (quote from Randy's website)

I recommend wholeheartedly that you listen Randy perform if you get the chance, it's an absolutely wonderful experience. I went to listen to his concert in Toronto and look forward to all upcoming ones that I could attend. In the meantime "The Jukebox Crowd" CD lives in my home and makes it more cozy.  Songs like "Hopeful and Free", "Make Me Rainbows", "Fools Rush In" and one of my favorite songs ever "Wild is the Wind" are weaving a beautiful musical tapestry in the air. 
It feels good...really good. 
Please join the jazz crowd that applauds to Randy and his band..I am in.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's day

Happy Women's day
I'm a big fan of JJ Cale and this song is just perfect.