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Monday, July 22, 2013

Higher Sky - Hisaka


Higher Sky CD
Produced by George Koller

I was enchanted by the voice of the beautiful girl from Japan, Hisaka when I have heard her singing in Toronto this spring. Please look for her music and treat yourself with something extraordinary lovely...Recommending her album "Higher Sky", with all my heart.
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zoe said...

she has a lovely voice!

☆sapphire said...


Long time no see. I took a break in July and have just caught up with you.
I didn't know that Aya Hisakawa had a concert in Toronto in spring. You went to her concert! WOW!
"Aka-tombo", which means red dragonflies, is perhaps one of the most well-known songs to us. I think every Japanese can sing at least its first verse. Ancient Japanese people called their country "Akitsu Shima" which means "dragonfly's islands". It is thought that there were lots and lots of dragonflies, including red ones, were flying in the sky in summer and autumn a long long time ago. Nowadays, modern Japanese people regard the song as a symbol of autumn as well as a symbol of ancient "ecological country: Akitsu Shima" that we once really had and where water was so clear without any pollution(there were no factories).
Where have mulberries(kuwa-no-mi) gone?
The song always makes us feel nostalgic. Thank you so much for posting this!!

Hilario said...


ac said...

I was not able to hear her singing any other way. You are a channel. I am the water that flows.